DAY*OFF was created in 2016 in the middle of the Masterclass: Streetwear (curated by the late great Virgil Abloh). I knew I wanted to incorporate anime heavily into the brand, because at the time there were not a lot of "street" anime brands, or brands offering an aesthetic I would wear. I wasn't happy with what was available so I decided to create what(I thought) was missing. Thus DAY*OFF was born. DAY*OFF comes from the things I love to do on my days off, watch anime and listen to music, and the belief that we truly do pursue our passions after the 9-5.

When it comes to designing, I tend to draw from scenes that strike a chord with me, or parts of the anime that can help convey the concept of the collection. My favorite things about anime aren't always about art style or hype, it's about how it makes me feel, so I try to share that emotion in the clothing. I'm often inspired by old d.i.y. punk posters, old record album covers, and trying to visually communicate the music I'm listening to at the moment.



We print everything (that we can). It's part of our D.I.Y. ethos. Do what you can on your own and do it first. It also gives us quality control and helps give each garment a hand made feel. I'm a self taught printer so please forgive the hiccups.


all words by Chris